My Dad Hates Cityville (This Is A Good Thing)

For the past year, my dad has been begging me to give him a Facebook tutorial. I think it’s finally time. A conversation from earlier today:

Dad: Tina, what is this Cityville?
Me: It’s a Facebook game.
Dad: Well, Angie* keeps inviting me to play. I don’t want to play.
Me: You can block the invites.
Dad: But I don’t want to not be her friend! What if I offend her?!
Me: Dad, she won’t even know.
Dad: I don’t understand Facebook! I don’t want to play on somebody’s farm. Is it like The Sims? Remember when your cousin Cara was little and she was really into those Sims characters? I thought that was silly. Cityville is like that, right?
Me: I don’t know. I don’t play Cityville.
Dad: Well, I want Angie to stop sending me these things, but I don’t want to upset her. Does she send you Cityville invites?
Me: No. But I’m not friends with Angie.
Dad: I’m going to have her friend request you, so you can get them, too!
Me: No! I don’t want to be Angie’s friend! I’ll help you block the application. I will come over tomorrow and tell you how to use Facebook.
Dad: Thank you. Just make sure Angie doesn’t find out we’re doing this because I don’t want to hurt her feelings.
Me: Don’t worry, Dad.

*Names have been changed to protect those who use lame Facebook applications.


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One response to “My Dad Hates Cityville (This Is A Good Thing)

  1. Mike Smithers

    I think people who have to live on imaginary farms and crap have less of a life than I do… I thought I didn’t have a life… damn! I have imaginary lovers… with big breastes. Now if they came up with a game filled with all kinds of sex and filth, I might play a little of that one. Tina, do you know how to make a game… I have an idea. ILU, TOM

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