My Dad Will Always Be a Tiger

Dad: What are you doing tonight?
Me: Going to watch the KU game.
Dad: Do you care about that game? Mizzou didn’t do very well.
Me: I intend to root for Kentucky. I’m wearing my Mizzou shirt.
Dad: Good girl! You stay loyal to MU. They have $100,000 of our money.

Despite going in-state for Journalism School, college didn’t come cheap. Tuition wasn’t too bad ā€” I lucked out there. But ridiculously high ADPi sorority dues (every party had a special T-shirt), the overpriced Clinique products in the bookstore (purchased with my Student ID), the drunken orders of Pokey Stix, tips for the generous bartenders at George’s and the 150+ parking tickets (LITERALLY) upped the cost by thousands. Don’t get me wrong, I had a few scholarships, much of which were lost after a failed College Algebra class first semester. I also worked through school ā€” everything from waiting tables to retail to a two-day stint at the dining hall. But my dad foot the bill for most of it. He even covered my student loans up until 2008, at which point he decided that I was making enough money to pay for them myself. My loans were a Christmas gift that year. Thanks, TOM!


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  1. Roel

    Hi Tina, I’m a 19 year old student- still living with his mom. I stumbled upon your blog and I wonder how you deal with all the prejudices and biases towards living with ones parents? Unfortunately there are always people that think that they are ‘cooler’ than you becaused they already moved out?

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